I'm back to doing face to face consultations in a new health and wellbeing clinic called Idos based in St Peter's Wharf, Newcastle. CLICK HERE TO BOOK.

Treatment Plan

Treatment Plan

From my 15 years of experience as a practitioner I know a one off consultation for a chronic condition such as hormonal issues or digestive problem isn’t enough to change things hence I see patients for a minimum of 4 consultations over a period of 12 weeks. I am currently working on zoom but hope to be back in the clinic soon.

What to expect:        

  • 1½ hour initial consultation
    • which is an in depth assessment looking at your symptoms, medical history, family history, lifestyle, diet and stress
  • 3 follow up consultations of 45 minutes every 4 weeks
  • 12 weeks worth of herbal medicine tailor made for you which will be delivered to your door
  • Monthly review of your herbal medicine with appropriate changes as symptoms progress
  • Personalised nutrition advice
  • Recipes in PDF form specific for your health condition
  • Functional testing if needed e.g. hormone test (tests are charged separately) but interpretation is included within the treatment plan
  • Email support in between consultations
  • 20% discount with the Natural Dispensary on supplements and toiletries

Investment £399 for a 12 week treatment plan

Pay via paypal

The treatment plan in more detail:

The first consultation takes 1½ hours and we will go through all aspects of your health history and set your aims for treatment. I ask a lot of questions to build up as complete a picture of your health as possible including analysing your diet and lifestyle for example sleep and stress. In a face to face situation I will take your blood pressure and pulse and possibly another examination e.g. listening to your chest if your condition requires this. Following the consultation I will make up herbal medicine tailored to you and suggest an eating plan that fits into your lifestyle. Diagnostic tests may be suggested such as a hormone test or a food intolerance test if I think this will aid your speed of recovery. I will send out your herbal medicine so that you can start taking as soon as possible which will be in the form of tinctures or powders/capsules as well as herbal teas.  

The 3 follow up consultations will last for roughly 45 minutes. We will review your health issues and I will tweak the herbal medicine accordingly as well as discuss lifestyle and dietary issues and what has worked well and what issues are arising.   

Many people will google their condition and buy herbs off the shelf and hope for the best. The skill of a trained, experienced herbalist is to identify the best mix of herbs to suit you and at the right dosage. Herbs work best in a mixture not alone and every mix I make is tailored to you.

Chronic conditions such as hormonal and digestive problems tend to need a minimum of 3 months and can take longer.  All information disclosed in the consultation is treated as strictly confidential.

I can help with:
Menopause issues
Sleep disorders
Food intolerances
Recurrent infections
Diabetes Type 2
Long Covid


Herbal medicine and supplements vary in quality enormously. I only buy herbs from a handful of trusted growers and supplement companies that I know and trust. I have been trained to identify any potential interactions between herbs/supplements and medication so know which ones to use and which to avoid. Equally I know when a condition is best referred to a GP or other health practitioner


If you cancel a consultation less than 24 hours prior to the session a fee of £25 will be charged  

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