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Get to the root of your health problem and start healing from the inside…

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Say goodbye to debilitating menopausal symptoms and get back to the old you…

Are hot flushes ruining your life and interrupting your sleep leaving you with very little energy to get through the day? Do your joints creak when you used to not notice them? Does brain fog leave you searching for words and lack of concentration make everything a chore? Do you wakeup in the early hours of the morning, toss and turn for hours and finally drop off to sleep again just before your alarm is going off? Do you say no to more things than yes just in case you don’t feel quite up to it?

It’s time to ditch these limiting symptoms and embrace herbal remedies and a nutritious healing eating plan made specifically for you. Book a free phone call to discuss how I can help you.

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My name is Sarah Hughes...

and I’m a Medical Herbalist and Registered Nutritional Therapist. I help women experiencing symptoms such as hot flushes, disrupted sleep, achy joints, brain fog and lack of energy.

I couple both the science behind herbal medicine and nutrition with my experience as a practitioner and work with you on reducing and eliminating your symptoms in a way that doesn’t involve fad diets but a sensible nourishing eating plan where you won’t feel hungry and your body can start to mend from the inside. Along side herbal remedies which I prescribe and dispense specifically for you.

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Recent customer feedback

Ann, Breast Cancer Haven, Leeds

I came to see Sarah when I was not in a great place having recently been diagnosed with DCIS breast cancer. I was spending lots of time online on the cancer forums not knowing which way to turn with all the raft of information and my sleep was all over the place. Sarah helped me see the wood for the trees by dispelling the myths and confusion around what I should and shouldn’t be eating. After talking to her I felt calmer, made some changes to my diet and took some supplements Sarah suggested which all resulted in me feeling less stressed before I started chemotherapy.

Katherine, Gateshead

After 2 months on the herbs Sarah made up for me my mood has improved, my thinking is clearer and I’m not so hazy or edgy. I’ve got energy but I’m more relaxed at the same time. My hot flushes aren’t as bad, they are still coming but I don’t feel half as drained after them and I’m sleeping better. I’m starting to feel like the old me again.

Sue, Newcastle

After one month on the herbal mix I feel much calmer and got through my son’s GCSE’s without shouting at him. I now think before I speak.

Maura, Galway

After 10 years of allergies, frequent dripping nose and itchy eyes I went to see Sarah. I’ve tried homeopathy and acupuncture but nothing so far has helped apart from anti-histamine medication which I’ve been taking daily but don’t want to come reliant on them. After one month of taking a tincture 3 times a day and drinking a flask of hayfever tea daily I am not sniffing nor blowing my nose half as much. I’ve reduced my anti-histamine from daily to about twice a week. My chest is less tight and when swimming I can swim under water much longer and take in much more oxygen whereas before I used to get an asthmatic feeling. I am thrilled with the result and don’t have to walk round with a tissue continually.

Debbie, Newcastle

I lost 2 inches off my waist in 2 weeks after taking digestive herbs and slippery elm. Before that I was so bloated and gassy – with the herbs that totally went.
It was so much better than conventional medicine.

Siobhan, Galway

Hi Sarah, First of all I would like to thank you for your osteoporosis food recommendation sheet. It is with great sadness that I read you are relocating back to the UK. I wish you lots of luck in Newcastle. You leave a huge gap behind you though. I felt from the first moment I met you I could open up and talk to you and that I respect your vast knowledge as well as your humility to check the things you were not 100% sure of. Your successor has big shoes to fill.

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